Blue Chicken

Why We Chose The Azure Blue Chicken For Eggs

The Azure Blue chicken is a new breed that lays nearly 300 large, thick-shelled eggs annually and is also one of the only known chicken breeds that lay BLUE color eggs.

Top Reasons To Choose The Azure Blue

They are very strictly an egg-laying breed. You could absolutely eat them but they will be best used for soup and not roasting as there is very little meat or fat on them.

History & Origins

They are not an old heritage breed and are relatively new in North America, although they are still a rare breed that many people have not heard of yet.

Why We Chose The Azure Blue Chicken For Eggs



The Azure Blue is small, mostly a silvery-white color with the occasional black spotting, and has a large red comb (from the Legbar genetics).

Personality & Temperament

According to people who buy them as day-old chicks, the Azure Blue has a friendly and inquisitive, curious personality and great temperaments.

Blue Eggs

One of the biggest advantages is the large pretty blue eggs the Azure lays. And she will lay 295 annually until the natural decline that happens with all production egg layers as they age.

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