Blue Australorp Chicken

Top-Choice Dual-Purpose Breed

The Australorp chicken is a true dual-purpose breed, known for laying an outstanding number of eggs while also providing you with a large meat table bird.

Top Reasons to Choose the Rhode Island Red Chicken for Your Flock

1. Calm and Friendly     Chicken 2. Excellent egg producers;   250-300 eggs annually

History & Origin

The name "Australorp" is a combination of the word "Australia" and "Orpington". The Australorp is a utility chicken breed that would thrive in the Australian climate.

Blue Australorp Chicken



The Australorp is a large-sized chicken breed. The hens weigh in at 6 and 8 pounds or more, and the roosters can easily reach 10+ lbs.

Personality & Temperament

They are a good choice for first-time chicken owners or those with small children. If you're hoping to handle a chicken, the Australorp is a good choice.

Large Brown Eggs

The Australorp chicken is a large brown egg layer and can produce 250-300 eggs annually. This chicken laid an incredible 364 eggs in 365 days!

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