Blue Ameraucana

Ameraucana Chicken: The Myths, Lies, & FACTS

The Ameraucana is a phenomenal chicken breed with a long history that lays up to 250 blue eggs. Her friendly nature makes it a great choice.

Top Reasons To Choose The Ameraucana

1. Curious and friendly by   nature 2. Great forager 3. Cold hardy 4. Produces medium-large    sized, BLUE eggs

Dual-Purpose? Not Really

The Ameraucana is technically a dual-purpose bird — though I know few people who raise them as such.

Ameraucana Chicken: The Myths, Lies, & FACTS


Blue Eggs

The Ameraucana became popular for its eggs. They were bred as a means to preserve the beautiful blue egg gene of the Araucana chicken.


According to the American poultry association (APA), the Ameraucana Chicken is a medium-sized bird, with hens weighing about 5.5 lbs and roosters around 6 pounds at maturity.

Araucana, Ameraucana, or Easter Egger?

An Easter Egger chicken is a mutt of dubious origin that carries the blue egg gene but lays any number of egg colors like blue, green, brown, cream, pink etc.

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