12 Edible Berries  That Grow On Trees

When planning your garden or homestead, don't overlook edible berries from trees!

Hawthorn Trees 

The haws can be eaten raw, but are more commonly used in jams, jellies, and syrups. They're also used in traditional medicines.


The Mulberry Tree is an excellent choice for gardeners looking for a fast-growing and fruitful tree. The berries are delicious raw or cooked.

Elderberries are more of a shrub, but very valuable to plant nonetheless.


Sea Buckthorn

One of the most nutritious berries you can eat, these are a permaculture favorite for the tree's nitrogen fixing capabilities. I LOVE the fruit and eat it raw regularly.

Serviceberry Trees

The berries, which ripen by early summer, are similar to blueberries in taste and can be enjoyed raw. They are also perfect for making pies and jams.

Strawberry Tree

Despite its name, the fruit of the Strawberry Tree is not related to the common strawberry; instead, it's a unique type of berry

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