15 Benefits of Chickens Have You Wanted To Start Your Own Flock?

Does someone in your life need convincing of the many wonderful benefits of chickens? Send them this article.

The obvious - Eggs!

Collecting eggs from your own backyard is a unique and rewarding experience that cannot be compared to anything else. And you can even get chickens that lay colorful (blue! pink! green!) eggs!

Better Meat

If you've ever tasted chicken meat from your own flock, you'll know it's leagues ahead of what you find in stores. The meat has a depth of flavor that store-bought chicken simply can't match and you have the satisfaction of knowing exactly where your meat comes from.

There Are NUMEROUS Benefits of Chickens!


Free Fertilizer

Your garden will love the chicken manure. It’s packed with nitrogen and works wonders in compost piles. It’s free, it’s effective, and it’s a great way to recycle waste.

Pest Control

One of the definite benefits of raising chickens is great pest control. I've watched mine devour frogs and mice too.

Earn A Side Income

You can sell your fresh eggs, meat birds, fertile hatching eggs, day-old chicks, or even ready-to-lay pullets right from your own home. With the rising popularity of keeping chickens, this can become a nice source of extra cash.

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