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Beet Kvass {With Apple & Ginger Variation}

Beet kvass is a nourishing fermented beverage teeming with beneficial natural probiotics. It is also a crucial component in many traditional borscht recipes. It requires only three ingredients — beets, water, and salt.


Beets Water  Salt Ginger (Optional)  Apples (Optional) Other Vegetables, Herbs, Spices

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Step by Step Instructions


Step 1

Wash beets well to dislodge any dirt, but do not peel, or remove the beet skin. Chop the beets into medium-sized chunks.

Step 2

Chop the apple into small pieces, skin and core included.

Step 3

Peel the ginger and roughly chop or slice.

Step 4

Add the beets, apple, and ginger into your jar (or jars). (See variations & substitutions below for even more vegetables, herbs, and spices you can add into your kvass.)

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