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Basting a steak

The Perfect Butter-Basted, Pan-Seared Ribeye Steak

A butter-basted steak is a thing of great beauty. For me, a perfectly pan-seared ribeye steak bathed in butter and aromatics is my favourite way to prepare it. Yes, moreso than a grilled steak.


A large well-marbled steak Butter 1 whole garlic clove 1 bay leaf 1 bunch of fresh or dried herbs of choice  Kosher salt Black pepper

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Step by Step Instructions


Step 1

Liberally salt your steak. Either up to three-days in advance, or 45 minutes before cooking. I aways take my steak out and leave it at room temperature about 45 minutes before cooking too.

Step 2

Heat up your pan (and turn on your hood vent!) for about ten-minutes until it is ripping hot, on medium-high heat. The pan must be HOT!

Step 3

Using a pair of metal tongs, hold the steak and lower the thick rind of outside fat onto the pan, slowly and carefully searing it until charred — 2-3 minutes approximately.

Step 4

Once that outside fat has rendered and charred, lower your steak into the hot pan where it should immediately begin to sizzle —  your hood vent is on right?

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