Baby Ducklings

How to Feed Baby Ducks 

What do baby ducks eat? How do you feed them? What should never be fed to them? These are all questions I had when I got my first batch of ducklings.

What Do Ducklings Eat?

They eat plants and animals alike. Their wild counterparts forage for all matter of vegetation and bugs but in your home and brooder, your ducklings will likely be fed a commercial feed to start.

Ducks Need Extra Niacin and Protein

It’s important to give your ducklings the correct diet so they grow properly. Unlike chickens, they require extra nutrients like niacin, a type of vitamin B.

How to Feed Baby Ducks


Access to Water Is Crucial

Offering a water bowl and refilling it with fresh, clean water daily is one of the most important parts of their care.

Dry Feed Is a Choking Hazard

If ducklings aren’t offered an adequate water source to wash down their food, they are at risk of choking.

What NOT To Feed 

You should avoid feeding some foods to your duckling, either because they are hazardous or do not meet their nutritional needs.

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