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Authentic German Spaetzle Recipe

A Swabian Specialty.

Spaetzle is one of Germany's most beloved and widely consumed foods. This recipe for traditional German spaetzle is easy, foolproof, and authentic — you'll love it!


All-Purpose Flour Durum Semolina, optional, Milk or Water Eggs Butter Salt Nutmeg, optional

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Step by Step Instructions


Step 1

You will combine your ingredients and then mix them vigorously for 15 minutes or so — until bubbles appear. You want the batter to be like very thick pancake batter.

Step 2

Using a spaetzle-maker (see the post for all of your options) the noodle-dumplings are dropped into boiling, salted watter until they float to the top.

Step 3

An optional step is to finish the hot spaetzle off with toasted buttery breadcrumbs — but plain butter is also traditional and delicious!

Versatile & Tasty

Eat your spaetzle alongside roasted meats, sauce dishes, dropped into soup — or make cheesy spaetzle Käsespätzle pictured above.

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