Are Mushrooms Good For Plants? 

Garden Friends or Foes

Are mushrooms good for plants? Yes. They are an indicator of healthy soil and environment. Let's examine the pros and cons.

What Are Mushrooms?

Mushrooms, sometimes referred to as toadstools, are a common type of fungus that you’ve probably seen in your garden.

Why Are Mushrooms Growing In My Garden?

You may have noticed mushrooms sprouting in your garden, practically out of nowhere. And in a way, they did.

Are Mushrooms Good For Plants?


Can Mushrooms Benefit My Garden?

Mushrooms are very different from plants, making them challenging to understand.

Why Are Mushrooms Growing in My Houseplant Soil?

The last thing you probably expected was to see mushrooms sprouting up in the soil of your houseplants.

Benefits Of Mushrooms

There are a variety of benefits that mushrooms can offer to your garden. For example, they can help your plants absorb nutrients and resist disease. 

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