21 Best Egg Laying Chickens {With Pictures}

Let's explore some of the best egg laying chickens that you can add to your flock and what additional considerations you need to keep in mind when selecting the right breeds for your needs.

Not All Egg Layers Are Created Equal

I recommend you start by figuring out how many hens you can legally keep, how many you have space for, and how many you're willing to pay for.

Let's explore the best egg-laying chickens with some facts about what they really provide you — alongside some pretty pictures of the breeds too of course.

21 Best Egg Laying Chickens {With Pictures}



A true blue egg layer, the Ameraucana is a popular choice for backyard chicken keepers due to their beautiful blue eggs which they will lay approximately 250 annually.

Azure Blue

The Azure/Azur Blue is one of the only known breeds of chickens that lay blue eggs. And they lay a whopping 295 annually making them a high production breed.


The Bresse is a 400 year old chicken of French origin that is claimed to have the best-tasting chicken meat in the world.

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