16 Black Chicken Breeds {5 Have Black Skin!}

Many chickens come in black and these are some of the most striking and unusual examples of black chicken breeds.

There is no such thing as a chicken that lays black eggs — but there is such a thing as a black skinned chicken that lays BLUE eggs — and there are some breeds of birds and ducks that do lay black eggs too, and we will discuss them at the end.

Rather than being dull or plain, black chickens have plumage that can have the iridescent shine of a beetle under sunlight, or be deeply intense and very dark black.

16 Black Chicken Breeds


Black Orpington

As far as black chicken breeds go, this is the most beautiful. Granted I'm very biased as I also happen to adore and raise beautiful BBS (Blue/Black/Splash) English Orpingtons.

Black Australorp

The Black Australorp is a solid black chicken that was developed for both egg production and meat production and it excels at both.

Modern Game Fowl

The modern gamefowl can be found at poultry shows and despite being a throwback to fighting birds in appearance, they are actually known for being quite docile and friendly.

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