15 Surprising {& Healthy} Benefits Of Raising Chickens

There are so many benefits of raising chickens yourself for meat and/or eggs in your backyard or homestead. Let's go through some of the many ways that chickens can improve your life.

Your Own Organic Eggs

Organic feed is now readily available, reasonably priced, and you can even mix your own to control the ingredients.

Better Meat

Some people choose to raise chickens primarily for eggs, others for meat, and many choose heritage dual-purpose breeds to raise for both eggs and meat.

 Benefits Of Raising Chickens


Free Fertilizer

The chicken bedding/litter you scoop out of the coop is an amazing source of nutrients for your gardens and soil. It's free fertilizer.

Pest Control

When we first moved into our homestead cottage the spring hit us with a ton of mosquitoes each dusk. Then suddenly one day I noticed they were gone.

Earn A Side Income

You can sell your fresh eggs, meat birds, fertile hatching eggs, day-old chicks, or even ready-to-lay pullets right from your own home.

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