11 Chickens That Lay Blue Eggs

There are eleven (known) breeds out there. Some of these blue eggers are quite common and easy to find for your own flock — like the Ameraucana and the Easter Egger.

Why Do Chickens Lay Blue Eggs?

Blue chicken eggs are not new and they were not developed in a lab in some kind of freaky experiment by humans.

When Americans first became aware of blue eggs through the famous Ameraucana chicken breed, there was an absolute frenzy, partly driven by the lie that blue eggs were more nutritious than white or brown and healthier.

11 Chickens That Lay Blue Eggs



Ameraucanas are a pure breed of chicken that was originally developed in the USA from ancient South American blue egg-laying breeds, like the Araucana.


The Araucana is known for their highly energetic personalities that can either be translated as extremely curious and friendly towards humans — or very flighty.

Easter Egger

They are a fun variety because you never know exactly what colour you will get from any hen until she starts laying — blue? Blue-green? Green? Olive? Brown?

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