10 Steps To Winterize Your Chicken Coop

A winterized chicken coop is a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment for your chickens during the cold winter season.This guide will help you winterize your chicken coop thoroughly in no time at all.

Consider The Deep Litter Method

Remove all litter and sweep the area clean. Additionally, you may bring out the hose and spray the coop out with water.

Is chickens can fare better in the cold than the extreme heat?

They not only generate a lot of body heat, but they also regulate their body temperature.

Winterize Your Chicken Coop


Humidity can kill your chickens in the winter

The belief that your coop needs complete shelter from the chilly wind is a common mistake.

Make your chickens a dust bath.

Winterized chicken coops should provide dust baths for the season as the snow will make it hard for your chickens to find their own patch of dirt.

Water In The Coop Can Be Dangerous

Water is messy but more importantly, it can be dangerous in the winter as it will raise the humidity levels inside your coop and  more uncomfortable for your chickens.

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