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I make Paneer Cheese & Forage For Wild Ramps In The Forest

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Have you ever wanted to try your hand at cheesemaking? Do you want to learn how to take raw milk and transform it into your own homemade cheeses, butter, and yogurts? Because it's easier than you think and I want to show you how I do it.

Raw Milk Cheesemaking For Beginners

Not all of the recipes will require raw milk to be successful — the first few will not — but I always personally use and recommend raw (unpasteurized) milk for cheesemaking for a plethora of reasons.

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The format will be video tutorials accompanied by written articles/recipes right here on the blog.

I believe that cheesemaking is a simple and rewarding hobby that yields nutritious and delicious foods — and that we need to bring this tradition back into our homes here in North America where industrialized systems have taken over to the detriment of quality and health.

We have forgotten many of our culinary traditions and histories. We have allowed too much to fall to the wayside and sat back as absurd government regulations and massive overreach stand in our way from reclaiming this part of our heritage.

Making your own cheese is reclaiming a part of those lost culinary traditions.

I will even show you how to convert a mini-fridge (or full fridge or wine cooler) into a real cheese cave for not very much money at all where you can age your cheeses to perfection.

Whatever milk you have to work with, please make sure to avoid UHT (Ultra-Heat-Treated) milk as it will not work in cheesemaking. Try and find whole, non-homogenized (cream top) milk at least.

A Few of The Cheesemaking Videos To Expect In The Upcoming Weeks

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Recommended Reading & Resources

Learn more about raw milk and raw milk natural cheesemaking with these books. I can't recommend them enough.

The first completely changed how I make cheese at home, and the second is an expert insider's view into the war on raw milk that forces me (and countless others) to purchase this traditional nourishing food illegally here in Canada where it is banned.

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